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Question 1

What is Chocotellers?


Naturally, ''Choco'' is the divine chocolate that we like. The ''tellers'' represents storytellers, we believe that every piece of chocolate deserves its own story.

Chocotellers is the best way to make a gift that will be remembered. Chocotellers is an exclusive direct-to-consumer experience to make at home the best chocolate baking adventure. 


Every box comes with a unique storyline that engages you with the craft at hand. The more boxes you experience the more you travel through Choco Pierre's deep universe.

A great gift for everyone! No matter what age you are, you will find our story entertaining , full of wisdom and leading you to craft exeptionally delicious recipes.


Question 2

What is your corporate gift offer?

We provide businesses customizable gift, chocolate craft that your employees can make at home. A sure way to engage with them and have them enjoy the most delicious chocolate craft: Chocolate truffles, Cold beverage, Hot chocolate, Cookies, Chocolate mug cakes, crepes, etc.

Our flagship truffle box is ready to eat. No baking involved.

Before ordering for corporate gifts, we recommand to contact us by email here. 

We will be able to customize something specific for you so that you have the most memorable gift to offer to your circle.

Presently, orders can be delivered directly to your location in the Toronto area for 15$. Customer can also do a pick up free of charge, on appointment, in Midtown at the following address:

516 Mount Pleasant Road, M4S 2M2, Toronto.


Question 3

Where does Chocotellers' chocolate supply comes from?


Chocotellers is sourcing cacao sustainably from partnerships with communities in Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico. The cacao is then roasted, cracked, ground, tempered and crafted in Toronto. Serving you amazing chocolate goods directly to your table.

FROM THE BEAN TO YOUR TABLE, there is a chain of small businesses helping each other, where every worker is given the best conditions, a standard that is above a Fair-Trade label and helping directly communities producing the raw material.


Question 4

Can I eat your chocolate if I have a dietary restriction?


Chocotellers' mission is to offer you the most amazing chocolate experience and no other ingredients in between that first bite. We do not use dairy, artificial ingredients, preservatives or fillers. Only pure chocolate and aromatic ingredients. Our goods are also all exempt from animal products.

Chocotellers' chocolate is also unique because it does not contain emulsifiers like soy-lecithin.

Please note that, although we do not use main allergens in our recipes (dairy, tree nut, soy, wheat, mustard, etc), our products may have been in contact or have traces of all those allergens.


Question 5

In your flagship corporate gift box, why are your chocolate truffles different than any other high-end chocolate option?


Because we are the first in North America to craft this treat, we decided to give it a unique name:  ''Nouveau Chocolat'' ! Healthier and better, they are handcrafted with the boldest and purest flavors. These are the first truffles without any dairy or any other filler ingredients for a pure experience. Since the beginning of the chocolate industry, fancy chocolate has been characterized many traits:  colorful glossy stickers printed on their surface, extra sweet flavours or filled with artificial flavors.

Our truffles are the complete opposite, they have a natural divine smooth texture and are made of pure aromas that are not artificial, completely naked of unnecessary ingredients. We also take great consideration in sourcing the best products at all times. Great craftsmanship comes from selecting the best raw ingredients and combining them with state-of-the-art techniques.